IBM Scenario Planning Advisor

The Scenario Planning Advisor (SPA) is a project developed by IBM Research AI and the office of IBM's Chief Risk Officer. SPA is a technology that automatically projects many different futures to provide insights for strategic decision making. To find out more about the technology and the research behind it, please visit us here.

SPA is available for use on a trial basis by other organizations. Get started now.

Privacy notice

The IBM Scenario Planning Advisor service is used to derive insights from complex causal models between risk drivers. This service collects personal information you provide to sign up such as your name and email address. This information is used for two purposes only: (1) to allow you to login into the application and (2) show your name (if provided) or email address attached to artifacts you create such as scenarios and models; this is only displayed to your collaborators that you explicitly allowed to access models you created or that are members of models you explicitly requested to join. The name and email address you provide are securely stored on the IBM Cloud. You can immediately remove your name and email address from all artifacts associated with the IBM Scenario Planning Advisor by selecting the option Delete My Data from the Manage my profile menu. Your name may be retained by application logs for up to 90 days after your last login.